Electric vehicles are becoming more popular and diverse, but one segment that has yet to be largely overlooked is the pickup truck. Pickup trucks are versatile, powerful, and practical vehicles that appeal to many drivers, especially in the US. However, they also face some challenges in electrification, such as battery weight, payload capacity, four-wheel drive capability, and off-road performance. That's why the Maxus T90EV, the first electric pickup truck in the UK, is such an impressive and innovative product.

Maxus T90EV

The Maxus T90EV is a product of MG's commercial sibling brand, which has been making waves in the electric van market with its eDeliver 3 and eDeliver 9 models. The T90EV is based on the diesel-powered T90 pickup but with some significant modifications to accommodate the electric powertrain. The T90EV features a rear-axle-mounted electric motor that delivers 201bhp, which is comparable to the top-end diesel performance in this sector. The motor is powered by a 69kWh battery pack that provides a range of 220 miles (WLTP combined) and can be recharged from 20% to 80% in about 45 minutes using an 80kW DC rapid charger or in nine hours using an 11kW AC charger.

The Maxus T90EV also boasts a payload of 1000kg, which is crucial for qualifying as a commercial vehicle and avoiding the 20% VAT that would otherwise apply. This is achieved by reducing the vehicle's curb weight by replacing the heavy diesel engine with lighter electrical components and using aluminum for some body panels. However, this also means that the T90EV is rear-wheel drive only, unlike most pickup trucks that offer four-wheel drive for better traction and off-road performance. The T90EV also has a lower ground clearance of 187mm and slightly reduced approach and departure angles of 27deg and 24deg, which limit its ability to tackle rough terrain.

Maxus T90EV

The T90EV is not designed to be an off-roader but rather a practical and efficient urban workhorse that can handle most road conditions. The Maxus T90EV has a modern and stylish interior with a 10.25-inch digital touchscreen instrument cluster that provides various information and settings for the driver. The T90EV also comes with a high-level spec that includes LED headlights, leather seats, keyless entry and start, cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot detection, reverse parking camera, and more.

The Maxus T90EV is a pioneer in the electric pickup truck market and a revolutionizer. It shows that electric pickup trucks are feasible and desirable despite their challenges. It offers a compelling combination of power, efficiency, practicality, and comfort that can appeal to many drivers who are looking for an alternative to diesel or gasoline-powered pickups. The T90EV is also a testament to the innovation and ambition of Maxus as a brand that is leading the way in the electrification of commercial vehicles.

Maxus T90EV

The Maxus T90EV is expected to go on sale in the UK later this year with a starting price of around $49,000 (excluding VAT). It will be interesting to see how it performs in the market and influences other manufacturers to follow suit. The electric pickup truck segment is still nascent, but it has huge potential for growth and development. The Maxus T90EV is a trailblazer that deserves recognition and admiration for its achievements. @via saicmaxus.

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