If your vehicle needs repairs, whether it is a simple brake job or a new transmission, you want to find the best shop for the job. However, it’s not always easy to determine which shop will treat you fairly and do the job right the first time. Therefore, these are tips for finding a reputable auto mechanic.

Do Some Research

Your first step may be asking your friends, family and peers what shops they have used. You should also ask about their experiences and the types of services they have received from these shops. This is especially important for individuals who have the same or a similar vehicle.

After you have your list of auto repair Mountlake Terrace WA shops, you should conduct online research. Look over their websites and search for customer reviews and recommendations. Contact the Better Business Bureau for outstanding complaints. Learn as much as you can about the shop before you call.

Review the Shops’ Services

First, you need to find out if the shop or auto mechanic services your vehicle. This is especially important if you drive an imported vehicle. Then, review the shop’s specialties.

You may also contact the shops to see if they have openings for your vehicle. If you don’t need your car every day, you may be able to wait a few weeks for service. However, most individuals can’t wait weeks to have a running vehicle. Therefore, compare your vehicle needs with the availability at each shop.

Visit the Shop

At the shop, look for cleanliness and organization. Observe how the shop works with its customers.

The shop should also have its certifications posted, but be sure to verify them. You can also ask about warranties or service guarantees while you are visiting. If you find a shop that meets your needs and has a good reputation, test it with a small maintenance or repair issue before paying thousands for a significant repair.

If you are like most individuals, your vehicle is a vital asset to your family. Therefore, do your research and choose a repair shop that will provide great service at a reasonable cost.

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