Scratches on your car can be a real pain, but they're also something you should not ignore. If you let scratches and dents go untreated, they can become more severe over time.

Aside from reducing resale value, the unprotected metal will eventually rust and eat away at your car. Luckily, there are several ways to fix scratches on your vehicle without spending too much money.

They Can Impact the Way Your Car Looks

There are many types of car scratches, ranging from minor to severe. Some can be fixed using simple touch-up paint, but others might require professional help. Knowing the difference between these blemishes is important to fix them properly.

Some of the smallest scratches are clear coat scratches and can be easily buffed out by the right tool and compounds. However, if a car has been scratched to the primer or bare metal, it will need a more extensive repair method.

It is important to know when to call in the professionals. The longer the bare metal is exposed, the more likely it will be for rust to form, which can eat away at your car and even cause it to fall apart! Avoid this by ensuring your car is protected with a cover or parked in a safe area. Also, check your car insurance policy to see if you can get coverage for these damages if you have comprehensive coverage.

They Can Impact Your Resale Value

Scratches are more than unsightly; they can impact your car's value. At the same time, they may seem like a small deal now, ignoring them can cause your car to lose value over time and potentially prevent you from getting the full market price when you want to sell it.

car scratch repair can be expensive, but if you do it correctly, you can regain your car's value and ensure it will look great when you're ready to sell it. A professional repair will require sanding, primer, more sanding, painting, and then applying a clear coat to the paint job.

Use a special scratch pen or spray that matches your car's paint color if you have deep scratches. It's important to use a professional for this because the deeper scratches can damage the primer coating, exposing the metal and increasing the chance of rusting. A professional will also be able to seal the scratch and protect it from further damage.

They Can Impact the Aesthetics of Your Car

Even the most careful drivers aren't immune to car scratches. But it's important to remember that a scratch is more than just cosmetic, and you should take it seriously and have it repaired immediately. Your local auto body shop can help you determine whether the scratch is superficial or if it's affecting the metal underneath the paint, which could cause rust in the future.

Scratches can damage the aesthetics of your car, making it less appealing to prospective buyers when you decide to sell it. You may also be missing out on potential business opportunities or initial dates if you have to spend time repairing a damaged vehicle.

Some scratches are like mild salsa, while others are deep enough to reveal the bare metal beneath. Knowing these levels' differences is important, so you can use the proper tools and techniques to remove them. This can prevent your car from devaluing and make it easier to maintain showroom quality.

They Can Impact Your Safety

Scratches can be much more than cosmetic, particularly if addressed. Even the most seemingly imperceptible scratches allow water to seep under your car's paint, causing corrosion over time. This can affect your vehicle's performance and safety, as well as the overall value of the car.

While it may be tempting to procrastinate in repairing your car's scratches, the longer you leave them, the harder it will be to remove them later. Eventually, they will become permanent.

Depending on the type of scratch and how it was caused, you may be able to file an insurance claim for repairs. However, this is only possible if you have comprehensive coverage, which covers damage to your car that does not result from an accident. This type of coverage usually requires a high deductible. If you file an insurance claim, get a free estimate from a local body shop before submitting the claim.

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