New cars are safer than ever before, with plenty of new safety features built into the latest models to help protect passengers from collisions. Many of these systems have been around for decades, but it's helpful to review them to know how to use them and what you can rely on when driving your Chevy or other vehicles. If you want to learn more about these handy safety features, read on!

Teen Driver

The system relies on using a key fob that the driver must use for the vehicle to start. Once started, the system lets parents monitor a slew of things about their teens' driving habits, including maximum speed and radio volume. When Teen Driver mode is enabled, a report card will show how well your teen drove using these features.

Blind Zone Alert

Blind Zone Alert is a safety feature on new Chevy models that helps detect vehicles in your blind spot. The sensors on the side mirrors will pick up on other cars, and if they are in your blind zone, a light appears on the mirror to warn you. You can turn this feature off by pressing the button labeled BZA on your dashboard.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

As you back out of a parking space, Rear Cross Traffic Alert will warn you of approaching traffic from either side. It uses radar sensors to help detect other drivers in those blind spots with an audible warning and a visible alert on the color touch-screen display. The system is available on the Chevrolet Equinox, Traverse, and Acadia models.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control is for you if you've ever wanted to cruise without having to check your speed. It adapts the vehicle's speed according to the distance from the car in front of you. If traffic slows, it slows down. When traffic speeds up, it uses a forward-looking radar sensor and the electronic brake control module (EBCM) located directly behind the vehicle's front fascia.

Surround Vision Camera

The Surround Vision Camera is a new feature on the Chevrolet Traverse that allows you to see the vehicle's surroundings from a bird's-eye view. This feature uses four cameras, one in front of the car, one at the rear, and one on each side mirror. It provides a 360-degree view of your car's immediate surroundings. It helps you avoid obstacles around your vehicle when parking or pulling out of a parking spot or driveway.

Forward Collision Alert

Chevy has been working with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons to put safety first. One innovative feature helping drivers stay safe is Forward Collision Alert, which can help prevent a collision with another vehicle or object. It's available on the Sonic, Cruze, Trax, and Equinox models.


Chevy has been an industry leader in safety features for years and years, so it's no surprise they've continued to improve them. With eight airbags and many other features (including some specific to the LS), you can feel safe while driving around in your new car. For more details, contact the Chevy dealership!

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