Due to changes in the market and Toyota's comprehensive approach to mobility in all sectors, the company found a new chance to offer an emission-free pickup truck. Last year, Toyota's request for APC funds included a plan to make new technologies cleaner and more efficient. The proposal has been approved. APC is an integral part of the UK automotive industry, giving the unique sector a chance to prepare for future technological needs. The money goes towards research and development at the end of the process, from writing ideas to making finished vehicle prototypes.

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK), which is in charge of the group behind the idea, gets money to develop a Hilux that runs on hydrogen fuel cells. Working with UK-based technical development partners Ricardo, ETL, D2H, and Thatcham Research, the project's goal is to use Toyota's 2nd generation fuel cell technology (used in the latest Toyota Mirai) to turn a Hilux into an electric car with hydrogen fuel cells. While Toyota Motor Manufacturing is in charge of the project, the Research and Development (R&D) department of Toyota Motor Europe (TME) will help with technical details so that the groups in the UK can gain knowledge and develop the next generation of hydrogen-based powertrains on their own.

Toyota has worked toward carbon neutrality for over 20 years with various solutions, such as hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid, battery electric, and fuel cell electric cars. A big part of working toward this goal is ensuring that hydrogen-based transportation works well. The financing plan is based on the idea that the first prototypes of the new Toyota Hilux fuel cell electric car will be made at TMUK's plant in Burnaston in the year 2023. Also, the goal is to get ready for mass production on a smaller scale after the prototypes have been tested and shown to work well. The project is an exciting chance to look into a new way that Toyota's fuel cell technology could be used.

Toyota Hilux

"The UK is an important market for Toyota because it is one of the biggest markets for pickup trucks. With this money, there is a huge chance to create a zero-emission solution for a critical market segment. We want to thank the UK government for giving the consortium the money to start working on a fuel cell powertrain for the Toyota Hilux. This will help us reach our carbon neutral goal," said Matt Harrison, President, and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe.

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